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Bienvenue à Millie’s! 

My story with crêpes started almost half a century ago, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where my parents took us as kids. My cousin and I wandered one day off the beach, where we discovered a tiny crêpe shop housed in the lobby of a condemned hotel. The elegant French lady who ran it allowed us to help her fill her jam and sugar jars, and soon invited us to stay the entire summer, under her care. Our parents agreed, and that summer turned into many others.

Years later, after I made my home in Paris, I would travel back to Rehoboth every  summer to work at “the crêpe” as we called it, along with my cousin, who lived in Cairo.

After 6 years of operating my beloved Siren Canteen in Stinson Beach, my daughter Iman and I found the perfect spot to recreate the look and feel of 'the crêpe' where you will find typical Parisian crepes.

xx, Mary Margaret


I am my mother’s daughter, there’s no denying that. And in the same way, my story begins a lot like hers; on the single cobblestone street of Rehoboth Beach. Running hand in hand down Penny Lane, my cousins and I would gather eagerly at the same tiny crêperie - ‘the crêpe’, which later became a very important staple in our lives. 

Years later, I made Paris my home as well. Cobblestone streets and tiny crêperies became my every day. All the new faces and diverse languages shaped my experience for the best. 

Now, both my mother and I are bringing that experience home with us: the excitement, the warmth, and of course, the traditional Parisian crêpes. You will find all of that here at Millies, and we cannot wait to meet you all! 

xx, Iman 

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